Naveed Khan

  • Founder Corporate Venture Consulting
  • President Strategic Venture Association
  • Frmr Head of Siemens Ventures

Naveed founded Corporate Venture Consulting in 2003  that advises  large companies globally in venture investing, portfolio analysis, technology commercialization and strategic business development with clients including Tsunami Network Partners (TNP), Weyerhaeuser, Waste Management, Mobifusion, Deere & Co., Google, Samsung, Fujitsu, and Canon. The practice focuses on the commercialization of innovative technologies through the building of strategic alliances, joint ventures and sourcing investment from venture capital and corporate venture capital entities.

From 1997-2003 Naveed headed Siemens Venture Capital USA and founded Corporate Venture and M&A Group at Infineon Technologies (formerly Siemens Microelectronics). Both of the functions are regarded as one of the best functioning corporate venture capital funds in the industry. At Siemens, he led the investment of $400 M in 32 start-up companies and 27 venture funds, spun off 3 of the start ups and returned $1.2 bil to the company. In addition Naveed led $1.8B in M&A activity. 

Naveed holds an MBA from State University of NY at Buffalo, and a BSEE from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore Pakistan. He has been trained in Executive development and Venture Capital Investment programs at Harvard Business School and University of Western Ontario, Canada. Mr. Khan has also served on Boards of several startup companies in the Silicon Valley. In Addition Naveed also serves as the President of Strategic Venture Association a trade group of Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) organizations in the US.