New Approach to Advisory Services

It's a New World

V Enterprises was founded in 2010 to develop a new proprietary approach to launching and supporting start up businesses. The start up venturing world is incredibly frenetic but very fragmented and not showing impressive success rates. We sought to develop a proprietary network that would leverage entrepreneurs, corporations, universities and funding sources in a way that would help accelerate worthy value propositions much faster with a higher success rates. During the development of that initiative, we saw a much broader opportunity. That opportunity is to bring to all companies, not just start ups, a proprietary network of very experienced and successful people that have the experience and the network contacts to assist in achieving their goals.  What we have today, is an extended affiliated network of seasoned professionals, companies and associations that organize around addressing market challenges, accelerating growth, and spawning innovation in a very collaborative and flexible manner from start up businesses to mature fortune 200 companies. The world is changing at an incredible pace. This makes it increasingly more difficult for companies to effectively and efficiently mobilized its precious resources to address and take advantage of the new world realities. Venture Enterprises is positioned to help you meet your goals. 

Why are we different

Venture Enterprises is not a typical consulting and advisory firm. We are not going to grind heavy data analytics, we re not going to interview your staff and regurgitate what you already know, we are not going to make theoretical recommendations for you to implement, and we are not going to hire smart young professionals and charge you expensive rates to train them for us. Our network is comprised of very seasoned and accomplished professionals. Our folks have started and successfully managed companies of all sizes in many different industries, they have raised significant tranches of capital and they have a vast network of resources to leverage on your behalf. We take care in understanding what your challenges are and we will work together with you to achieve your stated goals. We are a very cost effective alternative to the existing marquee names, and we deliver results.